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Having business networks and customers in the SEE region and worldwide DataCycle is offering top-rated software solutions, collaborative product development, and professional IT services. Due to our vast experience, a team of skilled professionals, usage of key business insights, and business process digitalization we design, develop, deliver high-quality cloud enterprise modules, and maintenance, with a strategic approach, and business intelligence.

Our goal is to EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS growth with smart collaborative software solutions!

Full-cycle delivery team

We believe that progress is made through strong leadership, progressive research, continuous learning, dedication to client success, and a strong pursuit of excellence.

Innovation & Creativity

We use our creative minds to come up with innovative solutions that fix real-world problems. Each of our software solutions is 100% customizable to perfectly fit your needs.

Strong relationships

We don’t believe in building a client roster, but a group of partners invested in the other’s success.

Excellence at work

The will to go the extra mile, the desire to be better than we were yesterday, and the instinct to win – all lead to one: BUSINESS EMPOWER!

Providing support

We care about the challenges your business faces and we want our solutions to bring you success. This is why our teams offer you expert support during and after product delivery.



We customize and implement our modules in a way that fits all of our client's needs, maximizes output and achievement and allows our clients to have top-notch results.

Custom-built software solutions

Software solutions that are tailored-made to suit your business entirely. Our custom made solutions increase productivity and workflow in sales, financial, HR, communications, logistics, and many others.

Software implementation

Our implementation process focuses on the speed of execution and quality. Our goal is to allow our clients a seamless transition to collaborative work experience.

Adaptation of existing modules

Other than our 4 modules, we offer our clients the ability to combine any of our existing modules and edit them as needed.

Business inteligence

All of our modules feature built-in business intelligence software. The goal of that software is to use all available data and come up with important information for management reporting and then using that data to increase profitability


Helping clients bring important decisions that are vital to the future of the company, to make sure every angle is considered. Empowering businesses to a higher level with our industry expertise and software knowledge.

The main affects on your business

  • Customization
  • Efficiency
  • Profitability


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This module allows you to track the entire sales process from the moment of initial interest, negotiation phase, contract signing, all the way to after-sales support. Simplified, our sales module allows you to accurately track the entire sales funnel, along with the financial reports of every sale

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Corporate/Administrative software solution that aims to ease and enhance resource planning, tracking, maintenance, analysis, statistics, invoicing, and reporting. Fully automates and simplifies tracking, analysis, financials, and budgeting

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